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Yoshida Gakki Kashiihama Store (ヨシダ)

ヨシダ楽器 – 香椎浜店

値段は安いが作りがしっかりしてるし、音も良いので他社と比べてお客様に提案しやすいブランドですね。 手に取りやすいプライスゾーン、且つ、サイズが豊富で幅広い年齢層にお勧めできます。 小さいサイズはアウトドアにもちょうど良さそうです。

Compared to other brands, Valencia is the most popular with our customers because it is inexpensive and, at the same time, well-made with a very good sound. The price range is very affordable and there is wide variety of sizes, so I can recommend this brand to people of all ages. The small size models are ideal for transporting.