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Maintenance and Care

Caring For Your Instrument

A good, quality guitar should last a lifetime. Following these basic maintenance tips will ensure years of enjoyment from your instrument:

Wipe your instrument down after playing. Use a soft, lint free cloth to remove any traces of sweat or dirt.

Only use cleaners or polishes specifically formulated for guitars. They are less abrasive than normal cleaners and usually contain essential oils to preserve the finish and condition the guitar woods. Apply cleaning products sparingly and only then directly to a quality application cloth rather than straight onto the guitar – this will help avoid leaving excess residues and any potential spillage problems.

Condition your fingerboard. A guitar’s fingerboard is often unfinished so it should be cleaned with a cleaner specifically for the purpose. To maintain the condition of your fingerboard, apply a dab of lemon oil to a soft cloth and rub it into the wood.

Apply a quality Guitar String cleaner before and after playing. This will ensure maximum string life and consistent quality of tone.

Change your strings regularly, depending on how often you play. Remove, replace, and tune up one string at a time—constantly keeping the guitar in tune as you go.

Tips and Advice

Play your guitar often. A fine quality instrument made from quality woods will improve with age and the more it is played. It’s a win-win for both you and your guitar—the more you play the better the sound—and the more you’ll enjoy it in the future.

Keep your guitar away from extreme heat, cold, or humidity.

Protect your instrument. After playing, always return your guitar to its stand, bag or case. It’s also very important to never leave it close to heating or air conditioning vents, windows, doors, outside, or leaving it in your car for long periods of time.

Always store your guitar in tune – don’t leave it de-tuned for long periods as this may lead to neck problems.

Talk to staff at your local music store for more advice on guitar maintenance and accessory products – you will find their experience and advice invaluable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your guitar is a delicate musical instrument requiring ongoing care and maintenance. Never attempt technical maintenance if you are not qualified to do so. Take it to your local music store or to a qualified guitar repairer to evaluate what maintenance may be required.

TIP: Return your instrument to your local music store within six months of purchase for a maintenance inspection. The staff will advise you on how to best maintain your instrument or if any technical maintenance may be required.