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Harrison Music

Congratulations AMS on 50 years of Valencia value!  This is a golden opportunity for us to pay tribute to a long and mutually profitable relationship that has stood the test of time.  Our founder Ron Harrison vividly remembers selling Valencia guitars right from the outset.  As a value for money beginner’s guitar Valencia was the “go to” back in the glory days.  Like all relationships our brand loyalty was tested at times but other contenders in this market only served to highlight the quality contrasts and that Valencia was the reliable partner for the long haul.  Recent factory upgrades have served to secure Valencia’s consistency of quality as well as broaden the brand’s relevance with their range of beautifully made and presented “step up” guitars.  We look forward to continuing to offer Valenica guitars both online and in our bricks and mortar store for many years to come.

Graeme Harrison

Proprietor - Harrison Music Adelaide, Australia